Survival Spanish
For those of you who’ve just arrived or have been here a while but never got around to learning the language. These engaging conversation workshops are perfect for you! We focus on your need to communicate efficiently with the local inhabitants. You’ll be expressing and defending yourself pretty well in everyday situations before you know it! We leave the textbooks on the shelf and work directly on you survival Spanish skills for use on a day to day basis. Workshops are a lot of fun, very didactic and amazingly practical!

Private classes
You’re looking for something special, at your pace, at your level and with exactly what you need in mind. We’ll put together a made to measure course just for you!

Spanish for Job Seekers
You’ve completed a range of our Survival Spanish workshops or maybe you already have a decent command of Spanish under your belt – you’re feeling pretty confident with your communication skills but are conscious that you need to learn more specific terms and should probably brush up on your grammar if you’re to make that yearned for career change or get promoted within your current profession or just get a job! Whether it be, “direct sales for beginners” or “professional correspondance”, we’ll lead you through the mind-field of specific vocabulary and fixed phrases you require in order to reach your goal!

Spanish for Business Professionals and Companies
If you run a business over here and would like the members of your team to receive specific classes in Spanish – look no further!

The Paula Method hand picks their staff and is proud to have an excellent team of qualified and experienced teachers who are engaging, enthusiastic and above all, human!

The Paula Method is an alternative, friendly, fun and effective way of learning languages for those looking for something different. Many of you probably consider that learning a language is a challenge associated with suffering and discomfort. At The Paula Method we believe it’s entertaining!

Did you know you might be eligible to for a subsidy from the Fundación Estatal para la Formación en el Empleo?

Oh and we talk a lot!


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